Enma Navarro Kundalini Yoga Teacher (hope to have her come to Canada to retreat to teach)
What do you mean your going to be hungry, this is one serving!

Welcome to the
Simple Easy Fun Wellness Centre!

Right now we are seeing the largest paradigm shift ever, and one of the key elements is to return to nature. Return to connecting with our bodies’ own innate wisdom and self-healing capabilities. It’s a time to really take a look at ourselves in a “whole” new way.

Body, mind and spirit in harmony and balance!

The beautiful thing about these changing times is we all get to have a say. We all get to make choices in how we move forward. We all have a say in the future of healthcare, and how we feed our bodies and that of our children in order to prevent disease and illness instead of operating from an “after the fact” approach.

There is a lot involved in creating a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just the healthy food or exercise, it’s a lot more than that. We have to see our life as whole, a holistic life – body, mind and spirit. In doing so, I have learned that everything is interconnected – what we eat, say, do, think, and hear. I wanted to create a wellness centre with people that have a passion to help you achieve optimal wellness through food, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

So, why did I name my wellness centre “Simple Easy Fun Wellness Centre ?

I believe that it’s hard enough to change the life you are used to, and make healthier choices. I know because I had to do it myself! For this reason I want to make your experience with my wellness centre:

  • Simple to make the changes
  • Easy to understand the information
  • Fun to stay with it
  • Wellness is defined as harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

And there you have it – Simple Easy Fun Wellness Centre! 

Please take a minute and look around our website at the different services and retreats that we offer. If you have any questions, suggestions, or interest in any of our services, please contact us and we will be happy to help you any way we can.

Wilhelmina Wilson, R.H.N.
Founder and President
Simple Easy Fun Wellness Centre Inc.