Kita BioSonic Vibrational Sound Healing

Music is conducted through air and water in the form of vibrations. Kita BioSonic Vibrational Sound Healing is a tool that changes the sound of musical melodies and rhythms into waves that can be felt with the body. Deeply soothing low frequency sounds are conducted to the body as vibrations while the same sounds are experienced as music by the ear.

The relaxing effect music has on the soul is amplified by combining it with the relaxing effect massage has on the body, making deep relaxation possible in a very short period of time.

It has been observed that the Kita BioSonic Vibrational Sound Healing Technique is able to return the brain wave of a person experiencing the fight or flight response to normal wave patterns, and lead to a state of relaxation. From C to B, each note is made to correspond with the positions of the 7 chakras located in our bodies.

With the Kita BioSonic Sound Healing Technique, musical sound waves enter the body through each chakra and energy center, activating the body’s natural self-healing abilities. When the body and mind is balanced and in harmony, it can lead to a state of homeostasis, or true health. Kita BioSonic Healing is a revolutionary tool used in the field of holistic medicine.



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